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The demonstration team is a unique group of Martial Artists from all ESDA studios who have volunteered to spend extra time honing their skills and developing new ones. Their knowledge, dedication, focus and technique expand exponetially during these sessions.

This team performs for any group or organization that has requested our presence.

Seeing as the Demonstration season is upon us please begin thinking of places to hold demo's and new routines to add to our line up.

Contact Master Jack (480-5282) or Master Jarrard (338-8236) with any questions, feedback or prospective locations.
July demonstrations
July 31, 2014- 10:30 to 11:30am @ the Blue Ribbon Results Non-Profit Organization located at 1132 Picket Rd., Norfolk. We will be participating in their Perfect Childhood Adventures summer program. All are invited to come & support this wonderful organization as well as ESDA's demonstration team.