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Whether you are 3 or 103, 
You Can Soar to New Heights
Eagles Self-Defense Academy


Tang Soo Do                       Weapons                   Self-Defense

Welcome to ESDA!

Eagles Self-Defense Academy was established in April 1994 and offers a martial arts curriculum designed for the entire family.  Your age, sex or physical status is not important.  Whether you are 3 or 103, male, female, in-shape or a little fluffy, you can benefit from our family atmosphere and tailored training.

We believe that helping students become more disciplined, self-reliant, confident and good examples is 90 percent of the training with Kicks and Punches consuming the remaining 10 percent.

We have 4 locations in Southside Hampton Roads to serve you!

Master Jack Meservey, Ph.D.
6th Dan (Tang Soo Do)
Member VA Black Belt Hall of Fame
Member United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame


We offer 1 month FREE instruction and some of the most reasonable tuition rates in the area with no long-term contracts!


Benefits of Karate at ESDA:

§         Family-centered training

§         Low tuition rates

§         Training available Year-Round

§         Promotes Exercise

§         Increases Flexibility

§         Improves Balance and Coordination

§         Promotes Self-Confidence


§         Helps students:

w       Improve grades

w       Improve focus

w       Improve behavior

w       Improve Self-Control

w       Plus much more!

What is stopping you from coming by, saying "Hello" and experiencing an atmosphere other studios can only hope to emulate?

Our studios are members in good standing of Karate for Christ International

For more information contact:
Master Jack at (757) 480-KATA (5282)
Master Larry Jarrard, 3rd Dan at (757) 338-8236

By e-mail at: